The main events of the competition take place at the Centre des Sports (CDS).


10:00-15:00 Athletes Check-in @CDS

15:00-16:00 Athletes Briefing @CDS

17:00-19:43 Event 1 – Biathlon 2.0 @Swimming Pool (not open to public/coaches)



07:30 Athlete Meeting for Trail Departure @CDS

08:45 Event 2 – Trail Run @The Alps

11:45-15:14 Event 3 @CDS

15:15-16:00 Break

16:00-17:08 Event 4 @CDS

17:30-18:00 Briefing Day 2 @CDS


08:00 Event 5 @The Field

11:00-13:08 Event 6 @CDS

13:08-14:00 Break & Event 7 Briefing @Warm up area

14:00-15:14 Event 7 @CDS

15:30- 16:00 Prize Ceremony @CDS

For more details about heat timings have a look at the full schedule clicking on the button below. During the weekend, you can check the exact heat time of any team by clicking on their team name on the leaderboard.


This year spectators and coachs can watch the trail run that will start at 8:45 on Saturday at Col-de-Bretaye (map). There will be 3 starts separated by 5 minutes (Masters 8:45, M/F 8:50, M/M 8:55). 

The only way to watch the trail run is to take the train from Villars main train station (see map below - 5 min walk from CDS) at 8:05, to Col-de-Bretaye. It's a 18 min ride in the beautiful Alps. Cost is 8.90 CHF for one way (around 7 €). Athletes will take another train reserved for the Teams.

The trail run duration is expected to be less than an hour. Spectators and coachs can come back to Villars at 10:30 from Col-de-Bretaye train station (arrival 10:50). More information on train schedule at


Food trucks will be available on site for both athletes and spectators offering a variety of burgers, fish & chips and healthy bowls during the day:


To avoid queuing and make sure you know exactly what you’re eating, you can pre-order your meals from Nosh-Pots, the leading meal prep service in Switzerland

  1. Order as of August 31st on their website and choose between vegetarian, vegan, fish and meat options

  2. Pay online with your credit card

  3. Pick your meals up at SAB on Saturday or Sunday

  4. Bring back your empty jars for Nosh-Pots to recycle them in order to reduce waste (eco-friendly!)


BioTruck is a responsible, vegetarian food truck with a zero waste approach. The recipes are based on mainly organic and local products. To enhance seasonal products, our recipes adapt to nature.  We propose: breakfasts, veggie burgers, vegetarian skewer, fresh juices, fresh fruit skewers, smoothies, green juices and vegetarian sandwiches.
Feel free to come with your containers and you will pay only the price of your food.


They make burgers with Hérens meat, which is a high quality beef breed from the canton of Valais. Convinced that industrial products have no place in our plates and that we are a reflection of what we eat, all their products are fresh and local.
Also sensitive to food intolerances and preferences they offer healthy alternatives with gluten-free bread, vegetarian and vegan burgers as well as fruit and vegetable juices pressed in front of you.
The big brands of the food industry have no place here. We make the most of local craftsmen. The origin of our products is mainly Switzerland except fruits and vegetables exotic or out of season.


They come from Ollon, a small village located 10km from Villars, and offer delicious fish and chips, perch fillets, veggie lasagna, garlic shrimp, salmon bagels, fries and many other very good fish-based dishes